Saturday, March 3, 2012

What would your kids say?

Gavin has been doing so many cute, quirky things lately, I've created a fill in the blank to share them with you. It is written from as if Gavin were saying it. I'd love to hear what your kiddos are doing, too! So post a comment to the blog with answers from your kids' points of view. (Extra spirit sprinkles and gold stars if you do it on the blog instead of on Facebook.)

1) My current favorite book(s) is/are: ________________________________.

Gavin's answers: The Eye Book (Theo LeSieg aka Dr. Seuss), My Mother is Mine (Marion Dane Bauer), all the little photo books that Mommy filled with pictures of our family -- both near and far.

2) My newest trick(s) is/are: _______________________________________.

Gavin's answers:
Saying egg (sounds something like "ahk," but very purposeful),
putting together a puzzle (I still need lots of help from Mommy, but it's so thrilling when I put the pieces in their spots that I pat my legs and smile an excited, proud smile),
stacking blocks (as opposed to just knocking them down, though I am good at that, too),
saying "bye bye" at the end of our mealtime prayers.

3) When I'm deep in play, nothing can throw off my train of thought like: ___________________.

Gavin's answer: Hearing Mommy or Daddy open the refrigerator. I stop what I'm doing and come a-crawlin' because I love to "count" the milk jugs in the door and feel the cool air.

4) My current favorite non-toy toy(s) is/are: _____________________________.

Gavin's answers: A colander and slotted spoon, socks and pictures of babies that Mommy cut off of the boxes my toys came in.

5) Something that makes me laugh is: _________________________.

Gavin's answer: Throwing my pacifier behind my crib. I'm not sure why Mommy doesn't laugh. I think it's hilarious!