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When I had my son, I discovered lots of new things about myself. One was that I started using a ton of cutesy names for him. I am by no means a cold person, but I can be kind of slow to let my guard down. A little serious sometimes. I knew I would adore my son and say oo-goo-goo, but I was taken aback by how much I gushed. My mouth could hardly keep up with the joyful love I wanted to express, so out came all these "love tags" as I call them. I admit: some of them made no sense at all. That's one reason I love the song "Little Sack of Sugar" (Woody Guthrie). It sounds a lot like the first year of me talking to Gavin.

So when I created this blog to share what I was learning as a new mom, it seemed natural to include the love tags. I was compelled to share some of our deepest newborn struggles -- namely Gavin's digestive issues and my nursing challenges -- but I always had fun reflecting on Gavin's antics and how much I loved my little squenchy squench.

As he continues to grow up, the blog is changing too (though not nearly as fast -- sheesh). I am spending time on interests other than my son (what?!). So you may notice that soon I will start "tagging" other things I love with posts beyond the topics of kids and parenting. Also, as a fellow blogger pointed out, there will come a day when Gavin won't want mommy posting all the funny things he says. But there won't be a time that I don't enjoy reflecting on our journey.

The Love Tags

Sweet Boy
Tiny Baby
Baby Bundle
Squenchy -- Yes it is a made up word, and I don't know why. It's one of the first love tags from when he was a tiny baby. I guess he was just so cute and squishy and, well, squenchy. The terms Squench and Squenchy Bunch soon followed.
Squishy Face
Squenchy Face
Little Love
One-Eyed Gavin (when he was a tiny baby, he would sometimes open only one eye when he was waking up)
Munchkin Face
Little _________ (insert the name of any animal that people generally agree is cute)
Little Bundle
Little Guy
Lovey (I tried to stop saying this one...it just comes out)
Cutie Face
Sweetie Pie
Honey Bun
Honey Bear
Little Son
Sweet Son
Baby Gavin
Gavin Face
Honey Pie
Squeaky Toy (Daddy coined this one)
Silly Face
Silly Head
Baby Head
Baby Doll
Sweet Somethin'
Pumpkin Face
Pumpkin Pie (you know, for the seasonal names)
Snuggle Pocket
Baby Boo
Snuggle Bear
Silly Guy
Pumpkin Pie
Baby Boo
Sweet Somethin'
Snuggle Pop
Sweetie Pie
Fussy Bucket (only when he's fussy, of course)
My Pumpkin Pie 
Little Joker

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