Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where'd that come from?

If you knew when I started this post....
...well, it would make a lot more sense.
So, I'm just going to tell you.
January 14th

Gavin had turned two a few weeks earlier. He loved food (still does), and usually his requests sounded like:

or "Orange please"
or "More please."

One day (*ahem* January 14th) as I was cleaning up from lunch, Gavin turns and looks at me from his high chair and says in a completely matter-of-fact way, "Mom (pause) can I have some bacon?"


First, I've never made or given him bacon. We don't talk about bacon (unless we're talking about a Jim Gaffigan routine). And it's not like he watches TV. I'm not necessarily against bacon (or TV). I'll sometimes order bacon with pancakes at Mimi's Cafe or The Egg & I. I just don't ever make it.

It wasn't just the words themselves -- his tone was so grown up. And he spoke in a complete sentence, with pauses in all the right places and everything.

I was extremely amused, rather in awe and slightly confused. Also, I couldn't get over it. So I started jotting down things for this post called "Where'd that come from?"

But life happened, I prioritized other posts and it got lost in the shuffle. Every now and then, I would look at the phrases I jotted down, and they started to pale in comparison to our present-day hilarity, so I decided the time for publishing it had passed and shelved the post.

Until...a few nights ago. I was in his room putting away laundry, and Josh was in the next room giving him a bath. I hear them talking:

Gavin: "Gavin is a boy, and Daddy is a _______."

Josh: "Daddy's a man."

Gavin: "Daddy is a man. And Mommy is a girl."

Josh: "Well, Mommy is a woman."

Gavin: "Call her a girl."

Josh: "Okay, we can call her a girl." (To me) "Hey Val, will you bring me his vitamins please?"

Gavin: (To me) "HEY WOMAN!"

Then he laughed like he was SOOO funny. Which of course, he was. Josh and I were dying laughing. Which confirmed his notion that he was SOOO funny. What made it even funnier was that his pronunciation of "woman" was not unlike Mike Myers in So I Married an Axe Murderer. "WO-man!"

It was for that moment that I decided I had to resurrect this post.

Another example from back in January: I asked him if he remembered where a toy was, and this barely-two-year-old said, "Um, I don't know. Have to see." (Oh, is that what I sound like?)

Here are two more that happened recently.

When I was buckling him into our rental car during our recent trip to visit family in Chicago, he just looked at me and said, "Making dreams come true." (Huh?!)

When he is feeling particularly sentimental, he thinks "Happy Birthday, Mommy" is a wonderful way to express his affection. It is SO precious. I absolutely just go with it and say, "Awww, Happy Birthday, Gavin." He smiles and so, that's that. I may correct him one day. Maybe. "Um...I don't know. Have to see."

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Notes about notes

As a music-lover that knows just enough to have strong opinions, but not enough to blog about them (wink) with a toddler who seems to have super-good hearing and a love for music (and lots of opinions), I am jotting this post. It's one of those that's more for me -- to capture a few things that made my heart happy today.

Rocking out to Pandora

At morning snack, he pointed to my shirt and said, "Beatles!" I said, "Yeah! We know some Beatles songs like 'Here Comes the Sun.'" He said, "Here Comes the Sun, Daddy!" Josh said, "You like that song, buddy?" And Gavin said, "Yeah!" (I didn't mention "Twist and Shout" because when he hears it, he says, "Beatles yelling." He's not a fan of yelling in real life or in music...unless he's doing it.)

From "Do-Re-Mi" (Sound of Music), he has memorized the sound of the interval Sol-Do, which occurs prominently at the end of the song. The song came on Pandora in the car, and he said, "At the end, they're gonna say 'Sol Do!'"

They were playing Latin music at the restaurant at dinner. He was dancing pretty hard in his little seat. Then he said, "At the end, they're gonna say 'Sol Do!'" Then he smiled. Such a joker.

Then while we were eating and talking and listening, he said, "They're playing drums." I affirmed him, and thought about saying, "And guitar," just to help him continue to develop his ear, but then I told myself to just take a breath -- he's two. Then, I kid you not, two songs later he said, "They're playing drums...and guitar!"

See, I told you it was for me. But if you enjoyed sharing it with me, well that's cool, too.