Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My New Mirror

And so it begins...toddlerhood.

In the past two days, Gavin's toddler attributes have increased significantly. I knew this was coming -- both the beautiful parts and the not-so-beautiful. I know that as he grows up, we will be able to bond in new ways. I think every parent has those things that they are looking forward to doing with their kids. I also know that he will practice asserting his independence in ways that are altogether unpleasant to me and that it's my job (eesh) to guide him down the right path. And I have been warned countless times that I will never be more familiar with my bad habits, idiosyncrasies and simple ways of doing things than I will be when I'm watching him imitate me. And so it begins...

Today, we did that bonding-in-new-ways thing. Longer giggles and tickles, taking turns sticking our tongues out, staring at each other while swinging on the swings. I love it. I love that face and that laugh and that tongue.

Yesterday, during meals and snacks, Gavin started requesting foods that were not being served at that particular time. Things beyond the organic rice puffs that he often requests, and much more persistently than in the past. This is so cute and so not cute at the same time. Cute that his brain is developing in new ways -- the things he thinks of to say and do are amazing to this first-time mom; not cute because I don't know what "app" means (since today it meant something besides apple), and I'm not going to give him Cheerios before and after every meal, and I can't make pears appear when there are none in the fridge. Sigh.

But today he really ushered in toddlerhood when he told me "no" for the first time. He has said "no," but it was obvious today that he was telling me "no." When I calmly walked over and said, "Do not tell mommy 'no,'" I didn't realize I was also pointing my index finger at him until he did it back to me. Ugh!

And so it begins. I knew that all my years of teaching toddlers and elementary school kids would not really prepare me for parenting, but it's completely surreal and a bit intimidating to watch my sweet, sweet baby Gavin to turn into a toddler. Experienced parents: stop laughing (please).

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