Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Trouble with Waiting

The trouble with waiting to publish a blog post is that with a toddler, most things move at lightning speed.

For example, my last post was about the love tags we are using and also about how I was so glad Gavin was feeling better after a rough week. I knew I was forgetting some love tags, so before I hit "publish," I thought I'd walk away for a little while until they came to me. Not an hour later (at 10 p.m.), he wakes up crying and would not be consoled, which is all but unheard of these days. Finally after a diaper change, Hyland's teething tablets, orajel and ibuprofen, I gave him a second spot of orajel, and he relaxed and went to sleep.

I DID think of a few more love tags in that time, and I added them, but otherwise left the blog as is. It was still a bright spot in a hard week. I just wasn't sure when I published it if the rest of the night would prove to be so as well. As with most things toddler--that was up in the air.

So anyway, why do I imagine that anyone cares about the internal puzzling of my blog-writing process? Well, there have been several posts that I published quickly, so they would be true at that moment. Then later, I learned a new bit of related information or realized I forgot something important. So recently, I went back to the posts and added comments to address the missing items.

Here are the posts with new comments:

Six reflections on pregnancy and the newborn days from this "poor little heady"
(If you're wondering why I'm OCD enough to go back and add the additional information, you may want to read this one.)

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