Friday, November 1, 2013

Tweets you were saved from...until now

If you follow me on any kind of social media, you recently found out we are pregnant! We are feeling blessed and super excited. The tricky thing about that first trimester: for most women there is a lot going on -- cravings, nausea, waiting, wondering (in my case a fair amount of staying off my feet due to doctor's orders) -- but you are usually not publicizing your good news quite yet. Hence all that good twitter fodder goes unpublished.

It's probably better -- for you. How many tweets do you need about how I am now eating like a man or how I'm tired and crazy? Honestly!

Well, need it or not, here is a little bit of what's been going on behind the scenes for us -- in 140 characters of less. All but one of the would-be tweets below are from me with my shiny new twitter handle: @valerie_photo.

You know your husband's been taking good care of you when you finally make your own snack and think, "I better not mess up his kitchen."

I treated Josh to pizza, burgers, froyo & Shipley's donuts all in the past 3 days due to the baby I'm growing. Well, I ate all the pizza.

Really? The rubber band trick on my jeans already?! #secondpregnancy

This one from @jjellis: My adorable pregnant wife says, "I should've asked for two Whoppers!" The huge burgers people, not the smallish chocolate candy.

I should've made a second sandwich while I was up. #pregnancyhunger #pregnancynonenergy

Gavin said, "I'm gonna eat a lot of breakfast, and then I'm gonna have a baby."

I'm such a slob when I'm nauseous. #pregnancyproblems #sorryhoney #stilljustgonnasithere

Nauseated...whatever... #pregnancyproblems #grammarproblems

My breakfast from CfilA tasted weird. Of course, sugar snap peas taste like soap and tap water like fish, so... #coulditbeme #pregnancy

Freshly-squeezed lemonade for president! #pregnancy #cravingsatisfied

For more of this and stuff of actual substance, you can follow me here: @valerie_photo.


  1. I love it!!! Great tweets--I'm glad we didn't have to miss out on them! :)

    1. Between the nausea, funny tastes/smells and ravenous hunger spikes I'm surprised anyone survives that first trimester!