Friday, December 16, 2011

You know you're tired when...

This started as a "note" on my Facebook page. Given my current state, I thought it was time to post it here, along with those that people added as comments to my Facebook post. Plus, I have a few to add...unfortunately.

You know you're tired when... go to the wrong floor when trying to leave your office for the parking garage, and then you get back into the elevator and immediately go to another wrong floor -- and you have assigned parking just spent the last 30 minutes throwing items into your cart like mad and when the first checkout lane you come to is "10 items or less" you actually look down to see if you qualify

...the pastor raises his hand during a baptism (as in for "In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit") and it's not until the other guy DOESN'T give him a high five that you realize that's not what he's doing

...the only thing that sounds good for dinner is a nap

(From others:)

You know you're tired when your kids ask Skittles for breakfast and you say yes because you realize it will buy you ten more minutes on the couch before you actually have to get up and fix a real breakfast.

You know you're tired when you think to yourself ice cream could be a good dinner meal...for the kids...after two days of taking them off sugar...

You know when you are tired when you use the elevator to go the first floor and when the door opens, you walk out looking for your kids wondering where everyone is because the halls are empty and no kids are in the class. Then you realize after three minutes, that you never left the second floor and the elevator is broken... I still laugh at this...  

(A few more from me:)

You know you're tired when you hear the baby waking from a nap and walk in the direction of the monitor instead of the child's room.

You know you're tired when you have the spoon turned bottom side up and try a couple times to put green beans on it before realizing it.

Though this is meant to bring a laugh, I want to, in all seriousness, say kudos to moms, especially single moms and moms with kids with special needs. When my husband is unavailable and my kiddo is sick, I know I still am not confronting the challenges that they face. All moms -- give yourselves a pat on the back. Then add your tired stories here!

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  1. From my friend Leslie: You know you're tired when you can fall asleep in the living room with your three kids running and screaming around you.

    From me yesterday (ugh): You know you're tired when you try to steam broccoli with no water in the pot.