Friday, January 20, 2012

Awwww...I've missed you, too

Just kidding (about the title). I'm sure that you've all been just fine without me, but I have missed blogging. And truthfully, I don't have time right now, but I'm compelled by Gavin's latest and greatest accomplishments and tricks, so...let's see how fast I can type and get back to dishes and vacuuming and...

For two weeks over Christmas, New Year's and Gavin's first birthday, we were in Colorado with Josh's family. All of his sibs were together for the first time in several years, and it was super fun. Before we left for Colorado, Gavin had just started pulling up and had done it maybe a dozen times, most of the time with some unnatural arrangement of furniture and toys on my part to create the perfect motivation and circumstance. After our stay in Colorado, he was pulling up like a champ, climbing stairs (on all fours), cruising a little, walking while holding our was pretty amazing. We credit the family...of course...(because if we didn't they would credit themselves - ha ha), mostly Gavin's two four-year-old cousins, who--when they weren't adoring each other (they live far away from each other and us)--were very sweet and patient while Gavin adored them.

He also learned two throw up both arms when someone said, "Touchdown!" - usually Nana and Coach (Josh's mom and step-dad).

He saw chickens and cats at Bestefar and Bestemor's house (our new monikers for Josh's dad and step-mom--Norwegian for Grandpa and Grandma...they are such good sports).

He got his first haircut. He was a trooper as usual, but obviously much, much less than thrilled. He sat of Josh's lap and squirmed while the stylist clipped away. He held it together until she turned on the hair dryer to get rid of all the loose clippings. I forgot to say that he hates that...

Since we've been home, he learned the all-important (especially to mommy) find-the-pacifier-and-put-it-back-in-your-mouth-in-the-middle-of-the-night skill. Praise be to God - literally! He has also been going down for naps and bed like an angel (with the exception of a two-day protest of the second nap that hopefully ended today)!

Amazingly, he doesn't like to swing by himself on a swing set anymore, which used to be his favorite, but he will swing in our laps or on Grandma's porch swing.

His latest words are ball and Cheerios. I can't describe how cute it is when he says Cheerios. We have them every morning after nursing, and when it's time, I say, "Are you ready to go get some Cheerios?" And in a kind of whisper, he says some variation of "Skeeri" or "Keerios." I love it!

Also in the category of cute, he has started snuggling and nuzzling me, Josh, Aunt Andrea and his cousins -- occasionally others, too. He makes a "mmmm" sound when he does it, and after we melt, we nuzzle him back.

He is usually pretty good about obeying, but he did give me my first look of, "What if I smile and shake my little tooshie and look cute? Then can I crawl where you told me not to?" I had to look away not to crack up laughing.

We are down to just a morning and an evening nursing session, and I'm working on a girls-only post about the ups and downs of nursing.

Well, it's a guarantee that I am forgetting many little accomplishments and adorable habits, but I must get back to the chores that are calling me.


  1. Tell Gavin "Way to Go!" on all his new feats! We need a facebook video of him saying cheerios! (And of course of him smiling and shaking his tooshie to avoid getting in trouble--I laughed out loud!) :)

  2. Thanks, Leanne! I WISH I could get video of those things! I don't think I've ever used the word tooshie before, but nothing else quite captured the mischievous cuteness for me.