Saturday, January 21, 2012

I knew I was forgetting something(s)

I guess I should have known an addendum to yesterday's post was inevitable since I was typing like the wind and hit "publish" after I should have been in bed. So here are more of the latest happenings and accomplishments going on at our place.

He is starting to say "Uh-oh." He is so funny because he seems to really concentrate when he says it, like he's trying to say it right.

He will grab onto any one of us or (try to) grab Millie, our dog and say, "Gah!" which means, "Got you!"

He loves putting lids on containers, and he's pretty good at it.

He goons for the camera (in our family, it was only a matter of time). And he LOVES looking at pictures and having me tell him who is who.

I mentioned him nuzzling us (which he did to the dog today), but he also gives real hugs when he wants to. I also mentioned him with his cousins in Colorado, but I forgot to mention the precious reunion of him with his cousins that live here in Texas. He sees them at least twice a week and went 14 days without seeing them while we were in Colorado. I'm not sure who was more excited: him, the three of them or me and their mom, who got to watch the whole thing.

In other news, I asked my first question on a (non-scary) mommy message board and had a very positive experience. Gavin and I are going with his little friend Lydia and her mom to try out Kindermusik next month. So excited! Also, he got his first trendy toy - a pillow pet - actually two, which somehow made me feel more like a real mom.

Well, after thirty minutes of laying in his crib, he's still talking, laughing and experimenting with his voice, so I'm thinking I better post this now.

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