Saturday, September 24, 2011

Okay, experienced mommies...

Hey moms -- I am so curious what your "procedure" or "order of operation" is for getting in or out of the car in a busy place with a baby and lots of stuff. After shopping, I have my baby, my purse, my purchases, the stroller, etc., etc. Obviously, baby is first priority, but I don't really want to put any of those things at risk. I live in Texas, so then I'm wondering, should I turn the air on? If I do, should I shut the door -- what if I accidentally lock my keys in? Should I leave the front driver side open -- what if someone hops in a drives off?

Okay, so I'm not as neurotic as I sound (almost...), but seriously, I'm wondering, so I thought I would ask all of you smart mommies out there. At the risk of getting a bunch of comments that say "duh" or "chill," I'm asking: "How do YOU do it?"


  1. It's all about routine. I stash keys just near right side of carseat every time and leave door open til stroller is stashed

  2. Now that I have two, I open Audrey's door (behind driver's seat) first; she climbs in and I shut it. She works on buckling herself. Cooper sits on the passenger side, so with one hand on the stroller I place the diaper bag (aka my purse) and other things onto the front passenger's seat. If it's hot, I'll lean in from that side and start the car. I move to the back seat and put Coop in. The stroller goes in last at the hatchback. Finally, I check to see Audrey's buckled correctly and then we're off. My door is never opened until I get in and I shut each door when I walk away mainly just so I can get by, but no bad guys can easily hop in either. LOL! Oh, and I keep my keys in a little compartment on the stroller, so there's little chance of me locking them inside.

  3. yes, keeping the keys in the top of the stroller is awesome..

    That's the best idea.
    from reagan

  4. Most of the time I have someone walk out with me. the 2 grocery stores that I go to have people walk your groceries out and load your car for you. While my groceries are being loaded I'm dealing with all the kids. the @ older are usually the first in the van and then I put the 2month old in and shut the van door while holding onto the shopping cart with the toddler still buckled in the cart. Then I release him and carry him to the other side, all the while the grocery person is still putting groceries away or waiting on me to give up the basket so they can take it back into the store.
    My keys are usually in the van in a secret place, on the floor under a seat..... the older two know how to unlock the van if locked inside.
    When I had only one child, I always put baby inside first and the groceries in the back on the same side with the baby(same door) and overflow went upfront with me. While my keys were either in my hand or under the driver's seat. I never turned the car on with baby inside, while loading.....I'm so paranoid.

  5. Thank you all! Love those ideas!