Saturday, September 17, 2011


A funny commentary on the subject:

So I'm looking around at the baby clothes on clearance at Target for 12-month clothes for Gavin. I see a few things, but then it seemed like every 12-month outfit I saw was for a girl. I went to the next rack -- same thing. I start thinking about how all the 12-month clothes were for girls, and how weird that was, and how I was going to go home and tell Josh how I couldn't believe that ALL the clothes Gavin's size were for girls.

After a thorough once-over, I start to leave the section and a couple walks up. The woman says, "Honey start looking on the other side." So they are each looking, and as I walk away, I hear the guy say, "Nah, all of the 12-month clothes are for boys."

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